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Scan Disk and Defragmenting

My Scan Disk keeps restarting after a few seconds of checking the allocation tables and checking folders. The same occurs while defragmenting Drive C. There is a blank screen, and goes to 2 or 3% and start from zero again after a few seconds. My hard Drive is 6.02 and I have used only 1.54MB. Any suggestions?
1 Solution
make sure all screen savers are turned off as well as virus detection software.  Also, make sure you aren't trying to do anything on the computer while it runs
scan your disk in safe mode. This way, you're garanteed non-stop scanning.
Asta CuCommented:
I've had no problems so long as only systray and explorer are running.
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Like astaec said, before you start either one, do a Control + Alt + Delete and End Task on everythin except systray and explorer, the other programs in there continually write info to your hard disk, therefore changing its contents and forcing Disk Utilities to start over again, and again and again.....

Give it a go....
Asta CuCommented:
Just thought of one more interference that won't show in the task manager and that is the little icon (usually) on the bottom right of your running tasktray on screen called the Task Scheduler.  Right click and pause that one.  By default, I believe this is a background check every 5 minutes or so to see if you've got tasks scheduled.  If you STILL have interference after implementing ALL the recommendations, please let us know.  If, for example, you use off line viewing and synchronize stuff on schedule, that MAY also pop up.

If all else fails, boot to DOS mode, and run Scandisk from there.
As the others have suggested, do quit all your applications, but we did have a machine here that used to do that and it turned out that it had faulty ram. We replaced the ram and it was fine after than.

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