How to configure iMac DV se on PC network

I have a 10Mbs Ethernet network with 4 Intel computers and have just purchased an iMAC DV se. I want to be able to use the network to copy files between the PC's and the iMAC and use the PC printers from the iMac. The PC's run Windows 95 and 98 and I can't get either machine to see the other. How can I do it?
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weedConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You can either do it with TCP/IP and FTP files across or use their native protocols. You will need either Dave for the mac or PCMacLan for the PC. You will then be able to copy files back and forth. You will only be able to print if the printers are on the network and there are drivers for the Mac. If the printers dont have mac drivers you could try PowerPrint.
dreitmeyerAuthor Commented:
Thanks for responding -- need additional info.

Where can PCMacLan be acquired and at what cost? What is 'Dave'?

Network is configured for TCP/IP and NETBEUI. Ideally I would like to see the iMac in Network Neighborhood and see the PC's and printers on the iMac. Will this work?

Printers (LaserJet 3 and DeskJet 600)are attached to PC's parallel ports (i.e., they do not have JetDirect ports). Can I still print from the iMac?

Is there a solution that does not require third party software?
PCMaclan can be had from any online mac store. should have it. So will macmall and macwarehouse. I dont know the current prices. Dave is basically the same thing but it goes on your mac (pcmaclan goes on your pc).

If youre using TCP/IP just set up an ftp server on one of your comps and ftp to it from your other computers as a server. If your laser jet supports ethernet or sharing youll have no problem printing. But otherwise youre out of luck without PowerPrint.
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