PAP account doesn't work....

I have a PAP account for internet, which the ISP claims that it only works with Windoze, but my friend who is technically qualified managed to get the thing working. We tried to get it working thru GNOME Kppp dialing.

On a few occassions it worked, but now it doesn't connect at all, I get a "connection terminated" message. What should I do, as this friend is out of station for a fortnight, and I cannot wait till then. Well, I m a novice and want to learn more of Linux, please help.
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crouchetConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Ok, first kppp is not really GNOME, it is part of KDE.

Linux WILL do PAP and I can help you get kppp set up for that. The people at your ISP just don't know how to set it up so they lied and said it could not be done. Or maybe they are stupid enough to believe that.

Before you start, get a pencil and paper. When I tell you to change or delete it, write down what it is first so if I am wrong you can put it back.

Ok, here is how to set up kppp. First start kppp. Choose setup. Click on PPP and change the time out to at least 60 seconds. You can set up the check boxes on that page however suits you best.

Next click the Device tab. If your device is /dev/modem, change it to /dev/ttyS0 (assuming your modem is connected to the first serial port, else use S1, S2, etc.).

Now select Modem. Your modem may need a set up string to work with PAP. To get that set up string you will probably have to go to the web site for the manufacturer for your modem and look it up. If your ISP uses Cisco products to connect, you might also try the Cisco site at

Ok, once you find the initialization string and are in the modem tab, click on Modem Commands and put in the new initialization string. Click ok.

Next, click on the Accounts tab. Click on the account that is set up there and choose Edit. That gives you a whole new set of tabs to work through. :-o

Ok, start with the Dial tab. Make sure the phone number is right. Don't forget to put in any special items, like if you have to dial 9 to get out or something. Make sure PAP authentication is chosen. There should not be anything in the next three lines (the Execute Program lines) so if someone put in pppd or something, delete it. Now click on the Arguements button. If there is anything in in there, delete it.

Next, click on the IP tab. Choose Dynamic IP.

Now click the DNS tab. Type in the domain name of your ISP. Type in the IP address of you ISP's DNS (something like If you do not know it, you will have to call and ask them. Hit the Add button to add that DNS to the list. If they give you an IP for a backup DNS, add that second. Make sure the "Disable existing DNS..." checkbox is selected.

Under the Gateway tab, choose Default Gateway and make sure the Assign Default... box is checked.

Click the logon script tab. The only command that should be in there is a Pause 2. If there is anything else, delete it. If you need to enter the Pause command just select the Pause command from the drop down menu, put a 2 in the box next to it and hit add.

Click OK and OK again. You are almost ready to connect. Make sure you have typed in the correct username and password. In fact, go ahead and delete the password and type it back in very carefully, just to be sure. Now click the connect button.

To add more ISPs, just go into setup, Accounts and click the Add button. Fill in the information as I have outlined above.

If it works, come back to this site and accept my answer! :-> If not, answer these questions and I will try to help you more:

- What error message are you getting?
- Did you ever connect without your friend there with you?
- Did you change anything about your computer or modem
before it quit working?
- Have you tried dialing in multiple times? Try about 5 times in a row and tell me if you get the same results each time.
- What version of Linux are you using? Give the brand and version number (e.g. RedHat 6.1)
- What modem are you using?

J Crouchet
rdkoli121699Author Commented:
Also, how do I add more ISP to my list??
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