Dual-Booting to RH 6.1 on sda1

OK, I think I know the answer to this question, but I'm not sure.  I installed RH 6.1 to my 2GB SCSI-W harddrive on my Adaptec 2940-UW controller.  The drive works fine, Linux installed great (RH install even autodetected the aic78xx controller right away), no termination problems or anything simple like that.  My system boots from hda1 (Win9x FAT32), with an interim step by PowerQuest bootmagic.  I set up BootMagic to have two options, the C: drive (default) and that scsi drive as the alternate for Linux.  Well the problem is, when I choose Linux from the BootMagic loader, I get the LI of LILO, then it stops.  I installed LILO to the boot area of sda1.

OK, enough rambling.  Is the problem that the kernel does not have support for aic78xx compiled in, or is it something else?  I think I will just remove the Bootmagic as it really doesn't do much for me, and reinstall LILO to the MBR on hda.  I can boot my system w/ the rescue disk and get into the system, though X doesn't auto-start.  What do I do to reinstall LILO to the MBR of hda?
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Kyle SchroederEndpoint EngineerAsked:
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Did you use Pmagic after installing lilo? if so, that broke it. You will have to find a boot floppy. Boot the system, logon and type "lilo".

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Kyle SchroederEndpoint EngineerAuthor Commented:
No, Bootmagic was installed previously...Well, lilo was on before, but I formatted sda1 afterwards when I reinstalled rh.  I think I will go ahead and install LILO to the MBR on hda after removing Bootmagic. Kinda silly to have multiple boot loaders anyway (well, I suppose LILO is technically the Linux Loader, but it obviously works to load Win9x too.) I'm gonna go ahead and give you the points, I"m not sure why I even asked this question...just got my password reset to EE since I forgot it and wanted to post a question.  Silly, but you get points anyway.
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