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sharing violation

1.  Will Linux allow two users to open the same .dbf file at the same time (not to make changes, just to display or print data), without returning the "Sharing Violation" message that happens in Windows 98 & NT?
2.  Do dBase III Plus programs run on Linux?
1 Solution
1.  I believe it will allow more than one person to open the files.  This is where cvs and rcs come into play.  If one person makes changes and saves, and then another person makes changes and saves, the first one will be lost if they both opened the file before any changes were made.  

2.  I don't believe dBase 3 runs on linux.  However, you can get VMware at www.vmware.com which will allow you to run windows and then install dbase 3.  But an even better solution is to simply install postgresql database server.  It comes standard with most linux distibutions of late.
bmegariotiAuthor Commented:
Thank you

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