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I've used the kppp program to set up my dialup information to my ISP.  The modem does dial and the ISP modem answers. My userid/password is accepted. I do connect. However when I attempt to use the NetScape web browser I get the following error messages:  NetScape is unable to locate the server  The error dialog also reads "perhaps there is a problem with yur name server? You may need to set the $socks_ns environment variable to point to the appropriate name server".  I'm sorry I'm so new to Linux -- I hope there is a simple explanation for the error I'm encountering and that someone can give me the steps (clearly given since I'm a newbee) to clear up this problem. I do appreciate any help anyone can give me.

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1. log in as root
2. go to /etc
3. open the resolv.conf file for editing
4. add lines of the form
   where is the ip address of
   your isp's nameservers.  They will
   provide them to you if they didn't already.
5. Type ndc restart at the command prompt.
6. To test without netscape first do this:
   run nslookup
   enter a valid url
   it should return the ip address for you
   if so, you are good to go with netscape.

Have fun.


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Sorry to contradict you, but that may not be the best solution for this instance. I will work, but if he is already using kppp he should let that handle the switch.

Go into kppp and select setup. Click on the account you set up and chose edit. Click on the DNS tab. Type in the domain name of your ISP. Next, type in the DNS number from your ISP (if you don't know, call and ask them) and hit add. Now check the box that says Disable existing DNS servers during connection.

That should do it.

J Crouchet
drsmith121699Author Commented:
The information given to me to configure internet access was perfect! I really appreciate the help. The configuration instructions given by J. Crouchet were very simple to follow.
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