Mount Failed: Invalid Arguement

Hi all;

I have a Dell Demension V400 with 128 megs of ram and an 8 gig maxtor hard drive
I am installing Linux 6.0

Partition Schema

/      hda1  3 gig   Linux Native
Designated for root
/u01   hda3  502 mb  Linux Native
Designated for Oracle 8.0.5 for Linux
/hda1  hda4  305 mb  Dos 16bit >= 32
Designated for DOS system
/nt    hda6  3 gig   Dos 16bit >= 32
Designated for NT
blank  hda7  603mb   Linux Swap
Self explanitory
/u02   hda8  300mb   Linux Native
Designated for file storage

Partition goes fine
Install of ext2 system for /dev/hda1 goes fine
Install of /dev/hda3 seems to go fine then I get the following error:


Mount Point Failure: Invalid Arguement.

Does anyone know how to get around this thank

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I don't think you can have a mount point called "/hda1" as you do for partition hda4.  That is probably an invalid mount point name.  Try to change it to something that doesn't resemble a partition name.
/hda1 should be a valid mount point, provided the directory exists.  Have you already made the /u02, /hda1 and /nt directories?
Okay, after checking my own /etc/fstab, are all your lines in this format:

device   mount point   type   flags # # ?

thus, mounting my root partition is:

/dev/hda4   /    ext2  defaults   1 1
/dev/hda5   swap swap  defaults   0 0
/dev/hda1   /w95 vfat  defaults   0 0
Does that help?
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/hda1 should be a valid mount point, provided the directory exists.  Have you already made the /u02, /hda1 and /nt directories?
pyramidAuthor Commented:
The directory schema according to the Druid partitioning system is as follows

Logical Name, Physical Name and disk location, Size of space, Type of space


hd* is reserved for physical devices. biard is right. Try changing the name to something else. You can always change mount points later, by creating the directories and editing /etc/fstab.
pyramidAuthor Commented:
Yes I did discovered that when I repartitioned with different names so I will award biard the points. But I will need a proposed answer.

thanks for your help, no doubt I will be asking more questions in the future..

/hda1 is a valid mountpoint.

[root@catscratch /root]# df -k
Filesystem         1024-blocks  Used Available Capacity Mounted on
/dev/hda4            1014655  675657   286582     70%   /
/dev/hda1            1048032  567296   480736     54%   /hda1
[root@catscratch /root]#

See?  You must have changed something else.  Biard is not right.
Patovic, the problem lies only during the installation phase, look up the log file in /tmp.
The mount points can always be changed later to suit your needs.
If that's so, then someone should email redhat to tell them their installation program is braindead, and Baird should accept my heartfelt apology ;)
Agreed, but I was only offering that as a possibility.  I was not 100% sure.  Don't worry about hurting my feelings.  I don't profess to be a complete guru by any means.  Just trying to help out.  If I was correct, I appreciate the points.  Sorry for the delay.  I was out of town for a week.

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Oh, and for anyone else who happens to read this:  avoid disk druid like the plague.  It's buggy.  fdisk works as advertised, and I've never had problems with it.  Disk druid, on the other hand, has been a 50-50 proposition for me:  50% of the time it mostly works, 50% of the time it doesn't work at all...
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