I upgraded my modem to a SinglePoint PCI 56K.V90 but when it is down loading it downloads at 33.6K speed. My ISP suppport 56K.V90. What should I do to speed up my downloads. I have Windows 98SE on my computer.
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tim_richardsonConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Are you using the Windows 98 drivers (from the Windows 98 CD) or the drivers from the Modems CD?

When I recently installed Win98 it installed a Winmodem driver for me from the Windows CD.  It would only run at 33.6k.  I downgraded the driver to the ones on the floppy that came with the modem, and it now runs at 43-46k (depends on the condition of the connection).

I can only presume that the modem drivers in Windows98 are set at 33.6k.
Put the volume up on the modem and listen for a sonar like ping. This is the modem trying to negotiate V.90. If you still don't get the full speed then you should try another ISP. Some V.90 headgear allows for higher speeds than others. It also depends on there being only one conversion from analogue to digital. If you are on a PBX for instance, you will not get more than 33.6 in most cases. Try another phone line.
Are you meaning when you connect the speed shown is 33600?
Have you ran a line test to see if your phone line are capable of 56K? Here is a couple of good test sites

After you test your line and find out if your line is capable of 56K then let us know and we will try to troubleshoot your problem. There is really not much sense trying that yet until we know what your line will support.
Quick, before your return period expires - take it back and exchange it for an ISA based modem - check the box for system requirements and make sure the ISA modem required nothing faster than a 386 processor.  It'll cost you more $, but it'll be worth it.  Look for a Diamond Supra Express or (better yet) a US Robotics faxmodem (NOT winmodem.
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