Poor quality text/image with pdf files.

The pdf file resulting from a scanned document with black text and white background has an inhomogeneous bluish hue rather than being white. The text is also indistinct or fuzzy rather than being sharp. Any suggestions for improving the image quality?
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Change the output type to black and white.  With the output type set to a color mode (true color or 256) it will interpret the white background as a blueish hue.  

Once you change to black and white the background will be a true white.


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I have the same problem: poor quality when scanning to pdf and using the ADF. I have tried various scanning options and file formats (using Acrobate to transform other files into pdf's), but the fuzziness and ghost lines are still there. The suggestion by Kandor will not work, at least when using the ADF (HP 6390C). The problem still needs to be solved!
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