Process problems. Active X .

When i test my activex component in
the ActiveX test container it leaves
the tstcon32 still running in the
processes. I can't get rid of that
and i don't know what i'm doing

I was first thinking that i should lock my object so it has a strong lock. But i'm not sure if this works.

I have not done much to my project so i think it's better to tell how it is made:

MSVC++ 6.0
1. Atl Com appwizard. (everything default.)
2. New atl object->control>full control->add control based on->Listbox (every thing else is default)
3. Compile
4. Implement
::RegisterDragDrop(m_hWndList, (IDropTarget *) this);

Now the process is still in memory so that i manually must end the tstcon32 if i want to compile the program again.

5. Make my class derive from IDropTarget and add the pure virtual functions.

6. Create a destructor and add
RevokeDragDrop and DestroyWindow

What shall i do?

If you help me get rid of this problem i would be very happy.

Your sincerely
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andlaAuthor Commented:
Edited text of question.
Tommy HuiEngineerCommented:
TstCon32 does not call DllCanUnloadNow() and it does not call CoFreeUnusedLibraries. But this isn't a big problem because Test Container is supposed to test a control and you should terminate it whenever you want to rebuild.

However, if you close Test Container and it doesn't terminate properly, then that is a different problem.
andlaAuthor Commented:
I will check out the functions you mention. When i use the same control in iexplore i can't compile it. This error occurs.

LINK : fatal error LNK1168: cannot open Debug/dragtemp.dll for writing
Error executing link.exe.

Ok i can live with the problem for a time but later on i belive this will only give me problems.

Have you tried to create the program in the same way i did?

What do you suggest?

Your sincerely
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andlaAuthor Commented:
I'm still stuck. :-(
RegisterDragDrop calls AddRef() to IDropTarget. Make sure you call Release() for each AddRef().
For example:

class TDropTarget : public IDropTarget{
  ULONG m_ulRef;

after RegisterDragDrop() m_ulRef == 2, after RevokeDragDrop() m_ulRef == 1, then you need to call Release() once more.


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andlaAuthor Commented:
Sorry for taking long time. I'm still a beginner to this. I feel a bit ashame because i really can't call the Release() from the destructor. I got link errors all over my head. Please give me a hint.

Your sincerely andla.
andlaAuthor Commented:
I tested the CoDisconnectObject and it also failed.
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