How to raise your own blue screen of death

I want to raise my own blue screen. I have found out that there is a function that calls the blue screen. This is the function KeBugCheckEx() that is used in programming Device drivers (DDK) I need to know how to call the function and what library I need to link.
I develop in VC++ 6 on the windows intel platform.
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jhanceConnect With a Mentor Commented:
KeBugCheckEx() cannot be called from a user-space application.  It's a kernel mode function and is only available in a device driver.  If you really want to call it, you can build a device driver of your own with the NT DDK and then call into it from a user space application through DeviceIoControl().

Of course the real question is why do you want to do this?  Playing tricks on someone you don't like?
I can't think of an application that needs to do that.
phiroAuthor Commented:
Well, it is ment as a kind of screen saver. Generating a blue screen yourself and putting tekst on it in any normal way falls through as being not the real thing. It is not ment as nasty trick or part of a virus.
A tool or app that emulates the same screen would be acceptable.
A "real thing" screensaver doesn't seem very useful.  If you succeed in forcing a BSOD, there is no recovery.

I'd challenge your assertion that making your own blue-screen and putting text on it is phony looking.  See:

This thing is so realistic it will drive you NUTS!
phiroAuthor Commented:
Indeed. This will do the trick.
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