Scanjet 6300Cse 35mm Slide Adapter

Instructions for using This adapter show a notch in the rear of the adapter which allow slides to rest against the top ref edge of scanner. The adapter supplied with my 6300Cse doesn't have this notch and therefore doesn't work at all well.  How do I get this Thing replaced?
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briansincConnect With a Mentor Commented:

contact hp tech support on 01715155202 with your serial no and they will send you a slide adaptor
\tpresent it appears to be out of stock but will be sent as soon as in stock

melcrowAuthor Commented:
The number you gave me, 01715155202,requires a credit card.
I have already invested considerable time and effort in attempting to get a usable 35mm adapter. Please, provide a number that will not cost me more money as well.
Jim Crow
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