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Using DSL Bandwidth on a LAN with Win 98 and 2 RH Linux 6.0 boxes.

I just got DSL.  It is very fast.  I would like to use it on my LAN.  I have One Windows '98 box that my DSL is hooked up to, but I also have 2 Linux 6.0 boxes on the LAN as well (small 8-port 10-base T hub).  Is there any way to share my bandwith among my three boxes without inverting my pockets or my brain?  

Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you.
1 Solution
There are two options here.  If you are dead set on using your Windows 98 machine to connect directly to the DSL, then you will have to get some software for a proxy server set up.  You could try wingate or something.  Check out download.com and look under networking for windows.  

Now, on the other hand, if you would not mind too terribly hooking the DSL to one of the Linux boxes instead, it is slightly less complex, considering the fact that you already have the software you need.  Your version of Linux uses ipchains to set up packet forwarding and firewall capabilities.  You can just use this alone, or if you wish, you could set up a proxy server here as well, but with squid, which comes with Linux (most, I am assuming you have redhat or mandrake based on the ver # you gave).  The setup instructions are somewhat long and in-depth so I will not go into them here, but I will give you links to the instructions.  Also, if you set up a proxy server, you have to tell your browsers about it on the other systems.  Also, be mindful that any other software you intend to use through a proxy must support it as well (i.e. ftp, uucp, etc).  If you do not use proxy, but linux ipchains instead, you just set the internal ip address of the linux box attached to the DSL as the gateway address for the other machines.  This is much simpler for the clients.  You just need to be mindful that ipchains is a firewall, and it can be set up loosely or tightly for security.  You should take care to keep unwanteds out of your net.  See the following links for explicit setup instructions.





For linux proxy instead:


But still need DNS above.

allredmAuthor Commented:
Thank you for the information on IP chains.  I have heard that Linux could do firewalling, but was unsure how.


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