SiS 6215 VGA card

I have SiS 6215 VGA Card. Is there a driver for this card.
since I don't see this name in the list of cards.
Suggest me on how I install X Windows for this card.
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biardConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Is that actually an SiS SG86C215?  If so, here's how to configure it.  Use the XF86SVGA server in xfree86.  Then go to

for a detailed configuration within xfree86 for your card.  Note:  at this site, under supported chips it is listed as an SiS 86c2x5.

You may need to download the latest xfree86, but I doubt it.  If you do, just go to
Well, if you're using XFree86 3.3.1, you have a ready with with you already. Use xf86config (Red Hat) , select SiS 86C215, DO NOT probe, quit, edit XF86Config and add the line
                          ChipSet "SIS86C215"
in the Graphics section, but take care to put it under the section marked as "Section modified by xf86config". Save, exit, reboot and start off on tour journey. Only, this works only on 8bpp level. Too Bad!!!!!
pankajAuthor Commented:

Thanks to all, I will try this.
Any luck yet?
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