free URL redirection ?

hi guys,

do u know of any free url redirection service eg.
if i have and a free hosting site which is

it will map -->

so basically my DNS IP will point to this URL redirection service whereby it will then route users to the hosting site. I have seen commercial ones but are there any free ones???

Please suggest ...

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This is a good one...  and it is free.... your page turns.. intoo


Really cool
Try  - they have many redirect options, such as

and you can get a redirected email address!
If you want to fork out £20 sterling for a .cx domain, you should try . They'll give you free redirecting from your .cx domain to anywhere, plus you can administer your email forwarding thru the interface that I programmed...
You can register your domain now and it'll be free for thirty days so you can try out the services... nifty, eh ?

Also, if you just happen to be an open source project then they'll give you your domain for free.
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thiamwahAuthor Commented:
I want it to be: --> freeURL.mysite
and NOT
freeURL.mysite -->

the above examples maps it the other way around. :)

Please suggest if u guys know any?
I already have registered.


This one is totally free.... you will get  with this company.. really cool

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I think you people don't understand thiamwah.

thiamwah, are you trying to say that, whenever someone visits, it will load the files from

So that you can save some webhosting fees?

I don't think that's possible.

But, maybe you can sign up for some cheap webhosting plan, that gives about 1 meg webspace, then make a webpage with 2 frames, the 1st top frame set it to 0%, the bottom frame set it to 100%, and point the bottom to

Is that what you want?

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vendrigCommented: allows you to attach your already bought domain name to their free Web space service (with a popup ad).
If you want to put your pages elsewhere, I suppose you can make a dummy index.html at WebHostMe that does nothing but redirecting to your site. Invisible to visitor, but she'll still see the popup ad.
Hi thiamwah,

 Register for sub-domain.
 Develop or port your site to this
 Set your nameserver(u will get  
   interactive online help) to this
 This service is for free.

bye for now
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