Dao & Access 2000

When I use the Visual Studio C++
"New Class" feature to create a class derived from CDaoRecordset and select an Access 2000 database as the Datasource I get an "Unrecognised Database format" message.

I have applied Service Pack 3 to
my copy of Visual Studio 6.0.

What else do I need to do?
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That implies database format U R accesing is not recognizable implies U need to reintall UR Access or change UR Acces drivers
inpras has made an incorrect diagnosis.

When I added DAO 3.6 (that is, Access 2000) support to MFC, I couldn't implement it in a way that would cause a new runtime dependency. As a result, MFC can't use DAO 3.6 by default--it still uses DAO 3.5.

As such, when you create a CDaoDatabase, it uses the 3.5 engine unless you explicitly ask it not to. DAO 3.5 doesn't know how to read the Access 2000 file format.

To tell MFC you're ready to use DAO 3.6, you need to set m_dwVersion in the module state to indicate you're using MFC 6.01 and not MFC 6.00, which is the default.

The specifics are in the KowledgeBase. Look at article Q236991. This was also supposed to be in the README, but I think it slipped through the cracks.

..B ekiM

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Hi mikeblas
Just made a wild guess U know to help him/her.

GGRUNDYAuthor Commented:
Thanks Heaps for the prompt answer.
Q232337 is also about the specific
wizard problem I was having.
inpras> Just made a wild guess U [sic] know to help him/her.

You should indicate it's just a wild guess, then. Otherwise, people think you know what you're talking about and end up on a snipe hunt.

 > Thanks Heaps  

Sure.  Good luck.

..B ekiM
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