selective color

I do color correction in a digital photo studio and we have adisagreement going on.
In the selective color window you have 2 options for adjusting color by percentage. Absolute and relative. I prefer absolute because it is easier and faster to make exact changes, my coworkers say relative is better. they believe that absolute makes the moves to quickly and somehow hurts the image when it later goes to print???? I can't find any reference anywhere that there is any better way for any reason. Any help, thanks.
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Your friends are wrong..hehe...If the result you get in the end is the same then the color of the pixels will be the same and it will print the same. Period. Photoshop doesnt remember "well gee he moved kinda fast there...maybe ill screw up his printing"..heh

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atom1Author Commented:
Weed, that was my argument exactly. But they've got some kinda mythology going on in their understanding of photoshop. without getting too personal, are you in the printing field or better, do you have credentials to back up your info. I'm good at what I do but they just won't believe it even when I show them the values in the ifo palette.. To me, it's just basic common sense re: the program.

anyway, thanks for the quick answer, at least i feel vindicated.

Does 8 years of photoshop in both print and web as well as training credit me at all?..hehe
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