how to i arrage xls in my form ?

i has put 2 frames in my form. frame 1 on my left hand side and frame 2 on my right hand side.

Now i want to call the abc.xls file to appear in the frame 1 and cde.xls file to appear in the frame 2 which is on my right hand side form.

for your information, i want to update all those xls file.
and i want the xls file that i call to be the same size as the frame.

so how do i do all those thing ?

please help me.
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dhwanilshahConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Simplest way would be for you, to keep two ole controls within those two frames you mentioned and then use the properties of the ole control to open the files you mention.
JOHNHOAuthor Commented:
please help with the complete code and way or u can suggest how can i do it base on the above criteria.

may god bless you all.
JOHNHOAuthor Commented:
ya, i know.
but why when the time i want to update it, it didnt show the current value on that file ?
u mean when u update the file from elsewhere your vb app and the ole control in that does not reflect the changes u made from else where?
JOHNHOAuthor Commented:
and for your information, if i using link on ole it will keep asking me that this app has a link to the other app ( it is correct because the app that i want to open is linking with the other app)
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