Cannot telnet to another machine???

 When I  telnet from linux to another machine.  It can connect but if I telnet from another machine to linux, it cannot connect and show message "connection close by foriegn host".   I think, because I don't set in /etc/hosts.allow  file.  How can I do next?
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pun121699Author Commented:
Edited text of question.
pun121699Author Commented:
If someone can answer my question I will respect  you are a good man and thank you very much.
hi pun,

please first check in /ect/inetd.conf
if the line containing "telnet" isn't after a #
in this case, remove the #, then save.
after, type:
ps -ax | grep inet.

you'll have something like :
452   ?    S    0:00   inetd

then type

kill -HUP   "your PID number  <= 452 for me"

if telnet isn't after #, just let me know.

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You have to conntact the root user of the remote PC to allow your linux PC to telnet in the machine. If it is not allowed you can't.  If you are the root person of this pc add your IP our your name into the /etc/hosts.allow file.

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pun121699Author Commented:
Thank you everybody answer my question.  After I check /etc/inet.conf.  The line containing "telnet" isn't after a # .  When
I kill process it show no such process.  Then I add  IP into /etc/hosts.allow and test again.  It still cannot  telnet.

Fixed the -1 problem on this question.
Escrow points corrected.

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