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powerpoint application.quit

My end show button uses the application.quit command to get out of powerpoint completely - but, it doesn't prompt to save changes to any presentaions already open. It doesn't save any changes and closes everything.
I need to prompt to save.
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Same problem here and it seems like a bug to me. I'm using PowerPoint 2000 and the help file says...

"To avoid being prompted to save changes, use either the Save or SaveAs method to save all open presentations before calling the Quit method."

....but I don't get any questions at all, PowerPoint just quits without prompting or saving changes.

To be prompted to save before quitting, you may use this procedure and attach it to your 'end show' button.

Sub AskToSaveBeforeQuitting()
  Dim pres As Presentation
  For Each pres In Presentations
    If Not pres.Saved Then
      Select Case MsgBox("Save changes to " & pres.Name, vbYesNoCancel)
        Case vbYes: pres.Save
        Case vbCancel: Exit Sub
      End Select
    End If
  Next pres
End Sub

Ture Magnusson
Karlstad, Sweden
Hi englishman

This code will save all open presentations

Sub CloseAll()
Dim w As Object
With Application
    For Each w In .Presentations
    Next w

hope it helps
End With
End Sub

englishmanAuthor Commented:
Just the job.
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