cd-rom speed

I have a creative 48x, win98. It seems like my cd-rom doesn't run at it's speed. In my easy cd creator option, it says my max speed for my cd-rom is 32x, and in my cdrwin option says 12x.
I ran the cdspeed99 beanchmark and the max speed i got was 12x. Does this mean that there's something to do with the cdrwin or win98 doesn't support 48x. Please give me a solution.
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Manufacturers will normaly advertise a product at its maximum speed.  Although the nominal speed is slower.  Some were said to be 12/16X at one time, but now they would be called 16X allone.

Diffrent softwares will attempt to use the device at whatever speed it finds to be normal, and reliable for the device.

Also, depending on your IDE configuration, you may experience decreased performance on such a device depending on the configuration.  If possible, connect the drive to the secondary IDE controller as a standalone device.
i wuold say there is a problem here, try getting different drivers from the manf,  and as jason mentioned, try another IDE
Sounds normal to me. Does your CD manufacturer measure in CAV or CLV and also does the CD programs measure in CAV or CLV?

(Constant Angular Velocity means that the disc spins with a fixed speed, Constant Linear Velocity means that speed varies, so the pickup 'seems' to have a constant speed)

Anyway, modern drives use CAV since varying speed is to troublesome on fast readers, this means that your drive will only read at its "max" speed if the data is at the 'end' of the CD (furthest from the center) since the disc has a higher speed there. It also means that the speed when readin data near the center of the disc is about 1/3 of max, so i would say your CD is performing perfectly.
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care to comment why you rejected my answer?
Here is another reason: Adaptec cd creator measures the speed of the drive in the "middle" of the disk. CDRwin measures Start, Middle, End, and then gives the lowest value, since that is the max speed the drive will give at any given time. Personally i think CDRwin measures in a better way.

I run a 40x Plextor on a UltraSCSI interface, i get the same vaules, CD creator gives 31x, CDRWin gives 14x, CDspeed (if we found the same ones) gives 13x

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boom23Author Commented:
Thanks... that explains what i needed to know
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