DB Grid Basic question

I have a DBGrid, very basic question.

When using the tab to move between columns, I have to press tab twice if entering a new Value.  The first time appears to set the value into the column and the next tab moves me to the next column.  Is there a way around this?

Also, When reaching the last column, is it wise to immediately start a new row.  Or is it more work than it's worth.  Currently, upon leaving the last column in the new row, the focus switches to my exit button.

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Okay... I'm going to attempt to answer your question, though I don't actually use the VB version of DBGrid.

The code below should take care of your problem with needed to press <TAB> twice:

Private Sub DBGrid1_KeyDown(KeyCode As Integer, Shift As Integer)
    Static blnRecursive As Boolean

    If blnRecursive = False Then
        If KeyCode = 9 Then
            If DBGrid1.CurrentCellModified = True Then
                blnRecursive = True
                KeyCode = 0
                SendKeys "{TAB}{TAB}"
                blnRecursive = False
            End If
        End If
    End If
End Sub

In response to starting a new row when tabbing past the last column, my response would be "yes" - maybe.  It really depends upon what you are doing.  If you allow your end user to actually create a new record, by all means.  If it won't offend your software's standards, I find that the functionality is great.  Nothing is worse in data entry than to have to stop and use your mouse to do something.

In order to tab straight to a new row upon leaving the last row, make sure you set your WrapCellPointer property to True, and make sure that the TabAction property is set to 2 - Grid Navigation.

Hopefully this helped a little.

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Once in a column/cell you can actually start typing the new value, pressing <Enter> to accept the value & then <tab> to move to next.  

To go to the next row at end of columns, it is simply a couple of dbgrdnavigation settings in the grid property.  I've found it is simply an end-user preference that determines which way I set it.

Hope this helps,
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