We recently aquired Flash 4, and have been looking for the best way to decrease load times.  It seems if I have a movie that is 100k it actually takes twice as long to load into a browser than a 100k web page would.  

I am thinking that I am missing something simple in the publishing of my movie, but I can not figure out what, so any suggestions anyone may have would be much appreciated!

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There are lots of good tips on optimization of your movie on


in the search text box give the following input :

loading,time,speed, optimization

the comma's must be included. Now you'll find lots of info on this.

Hope this helps.

In addition to optimizing for size, it is good practice to include a preloader to give the viewer some animation/incentive to stick around for the full experience.
1. Don't use imported graphics
2. Try to design and create images from the built-in features
3. Make use of symbols (duplicate instances instead of making new graphics, movie clips, or buttons)
4. Decrease the JPEG quality to relatively accepted quality

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Also, dont use too much
 "Tweening-->shape" effects,  it's too large_size operation.
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