Red Hat 5.2 Install question

When Installing from a cd-rom, Is there any way to look for bad spots on the hard disk while doing a workstation class instal?  I can use expert mode to do this but I don't know what packages to install for a workstation class box.  When I try to do this my self, I get a lot of stuff i don't think I need (eg server stuff)
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Unfortunately, the "workstation" install method does not give you the disk partitioning options like you receive during the "custom" install.  This means that you can't choose the "check for bad blocks" setting for creating partitions.  In fact, I'm reasonably certain that this step is skipped during server and workstation installs in the interest of speed.  I haven't seen the installer code, however.

But, if you do the workstation class installation, you can log in as root afterward, and run /sbin/badblocks.  See the manual page ("man badblocks") for the full details of using this tool, but the basic format is "badblocks devicename blocksize"


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BTW, you should know that RedHat 5.2 is old.  Version 6.1 is current now.  Get a low-cost CD (US$1-2) at a site like ..
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