Program in a mail that detached all attached mails !

Extremely hurry !

How to create a program, attached in a mail, who will take all attached files in the same mail and save them to a specified drive / directory.

I need to create a program that takes all attached files in a mail, save then at a given place and starts another program.
My program is also attached in the same mail.
I need a completely solution for this ! ASAP 400 points !!!
Mail program is MS Outlook.

Thanks !!
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mcriderConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Posting for points!

(Hoping for a good grade...)

Take a look at WinZip SelfExtractor...

You can get it here: 
It builds an EXE that contains zipped files, and it also allows you to automatically run any program that it extracts...

By the way, VB programs don't run standalone... they need to be packaged (with setup wizard or something like it) because they depend in the VBRUNxxx runtime file and any other OCX's that are called from the program...

You can build your program, package it into a setup with setup wizard, zip it all up and then package it into WinZip SelfExtractor....

When the SelfExtractor EXE runs it would unzip everything and run the setup program.  Once the setup program runs, it could execute the program...

Take a look at the SETUPKIT directory in your VB Directory to modify the SETUP.EXE so it runs your program after it installs it...

Hope this helps!

pggAuthor Commented:
All my customers alread have my application written in VB5, all runtimes etc is already there. We shall in one organisation, distribute a lot of files, called Database.001 - Database.999. From 5 to 15 diskettes, nobody having the same files. We can not handle the use of an install program like Wise for this - to many users. So, per user, we will mail from 5 to 15 files, all named Database.001 incremented with one per extra file.  I need a program that takes all thoose files and detach them automatically into a specified directory. Of course some of them can do it by them selfs, but a lot of users can not handle this.

Can I write a small program, that understand that all files attached in the same mail should be saved at a given location ?

Please help ??
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If all of the customers already have your program and all of the runtime files are already installed, then I really would recommend WinZip SelfExtractor...

Create a program to copy all of your files from the current directory to wherever the real program needs them...

Zip them all up, including the EXE you've created.  WinZip SelfExtractor can then be told to run your program as soon as it extracts all of the files...

There are 2 options in WinZip SelfExtractor; Standard and Software Installation... You want to use the Software Installation option.

Try it... It really works well.

pggAuthor Commented:
mcrider, make an answer, and you will receive the points, your suggestions fixed it !

Thanks for the points! Glad I could help!

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