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I have a simple background I created in Photoshop.  When I select it as a background in FP 2000 it would appear as if my background is not wide enough because frontpage starts to tile it.
I do not want the image tiled, I want it to display the way I have it.  How can I do this.

A better question is how do you create a background that will always fit in the size of a persons web browser.  If this is not possible how can you set it so that it displays fine for 800X600 resolution.

When I refer to the word set I mean what settings for height and width in photoshop would I use and also is there anything special in frontpage that I would need to setup.

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AristippusConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You can add this just below the body tag of the html:

<script language="JavaScript1.2">
if (document.all)"background:white url(YourPic.jpg) no-repeat fixed center center"

Not only will it not tile, the image will appear to static(not scroll) so that it is always visible complete.

You can change the arguments (no-repeat, center, fixed) to experiment but this should take care of your problem.
larockdAuthor Commented:
I know the no-repeat fixed keeps the background from moving, and the center will keep the it centered on the page.  What does the second center do?  Also, what are the other commands for that line? LEFT, RIGHT? Stuff like that.

Also, If you were designing a background for an 800X600 screen what size should you make the background graphic?  Assuming it would cover the full 800X600 area.

The two centers are horizontal/vertical.  Of course, the other options are top/bottom, left/right.

The important thing to keep in mind is file size/download time.  I use several large gifs as backgrounds but I lower the resolution and opacity so that it looks decent.

You can make the image 800x600 if you like.  This will still be centered therefore showing the center of the image in non-maximized browsers and still look good in higher resolutions.  If you want to ensure the image covers the entire page, you can even make the pic 1024x768 with no necessary detail around the outside for viewing in 800x600.  Does this make sense?  I'm just kinda rambling now.

Hope it helps!
larockdAuthor Commented:
No it made perfect sense, thanks for the follow up comments...

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