deleteing a file (itself)

Is it possible to delete a file that is running - ie stop it running and delete it - without using an external program?

Is there an api call or something that can be called to do this?
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There is a API call DeleteFile("MyFile.exe") try this.
You'll need to terminate the process first
wormboy__6Author Commented:
But if i terminate the process then i cannot call the delete my application is no longer running.

So basically is it possible?
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Do you need to do it immediately or can the delete happen the next time the computer reboots?
wormboy__6Author Commented:
Immediatly...or a few seconds later.

Itd be easy to do it when the computer rebooted. But what i want is deletion basically straight away.
Good Morning Wormboy!

Try something like this:

Private Sub cmdKill_Click()
    Dim RetVal
    Open "Test.bat" For Output As #1
    Print #1, ":start"
    Print #1, "@del Test.exe"
    Print #1, "@dir"
    Print #1, "@if exist Test.EXE goto :start"
    Print #1, "@del test.bat"
    Close #1

    RetVal = Shell("test.bat", 6)
End Sub

Basically, a batch file gets created that tries to delete the program, and it loops until the program terminates. When the program does terminate, the batch file erases itself.

Obviously, the program is called test.exe.


Daniel       :-)
wormboy__6Author Commented:
sorry but then it leaves that file there and i would like a way to remove a file without leaving any other files behind.
Did you test the example? On my machine, it doesn't leave anything...

I tested it on Windows 98 and NT4.0

Daniel      :-)

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wormboy__6Author Commented:
oops sorry - i did it wrong

ok, thanks
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