Two IE Browser Controls showing two different webpages

Can someone show me the code required to have 2 IE Browser Controls on the form, each with a different URL appearing.
A side request would be to tell me any way to make those URL's undetectable. (ie. right click, properties).
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There is a problem with the browser control.  It will not allow more than one browser control on a form... However, you can get around this.

This is going to get complicated real quick... Please do everything exactly as you see it in the example...

1) create a new project.

2) add the webbrowser control to the project.

3) add a webbrowser control to Form1 and call it WebBrowser1.

4) add a new form to the project and call it Form2.

5) add a picture control to Form2 and call it Picture1.

6) add a webbrowser control inside Picture1 on Form2 and call it WebBrowser2.  This webbrowser control MUST be a child of the picturebox.

7) add the following code to the DECLARATIONS Section of Form1:


    Public eFrame As Object
    Private Declare Function SetParent Lib "user32" (ByVal hWndChild As Long, ByVal hWndNewParent As Long) As Long
    Private Sub Form_Load()
        Load Form2
        Set eFrame = Form2.Picture1
        With WebBrowser1
            .Top = 0
            .Left = 0
            .Height = Me.Height / 2 - 420
            .Width = Me.Width - 120
            .Navigate ""
        End With
        With eFrame
            .Top = WebBrowser1.Height
            .Left = 0
            .Height = WebBrowser1.Height
            .Width = WebBrowser1.Width
            Form2.WebBrowser2.Top = 0
            Form2.WebBrowser2.Left = 0
            Form2.WebBrowser2.Height = .Height
            Form2.WebBrowser2.Width = .Width
        End With
        Form2.WebBrowser2.Navigate ""
        SetParent eFrame.hWnd, Form1.hWnd
    End Sub

8) Run the program... in form1, you will see 2 browser windows...  The top browser will be my company's web page and the bottom will be yahoo!



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rbendAuthor Commented:
thanks as always mcrider..
Glad I could help! Thanks for the points!

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