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I just upgraded to a AMD K62-400, and put it in a brand new Aopen AX59 Pro Motherboard.  I am confused as to what type of ram I need, I see everywhere PC100, PC133, True Parity, and then regurlar SDRAM,10 ns, 8 ns, 6.5 ns, etc.  The tech said I should check the motherboard settings, but all it says is that the bus of the chip is 100Mhz.  If you could help me with what type and ns would be best it would help a lot.
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oldgreyguyConnect With a Mentor Commented:
if the bus is 100Mhz, then PC100, or if you plan on going to a faster CPU in the future, get PC-133 (the PC133 will work with the 100Mhz bus with no problems) The speed (ns) of the chips is not something that good memory guys would not need to ask or worry about (see below)

I would not bother with getting parity memory, hell prices are high enough as is................................ but, I would highly recommend that you buy your memory from a reputable source like CRUCIAL (MICRON) or KINGSTON, they both sell direct


they both have tech support that answers the phone, they both are a little more expensive than what is out on the street......but they do memory right, and you won't have to screw around with the computer any more than you have to.

Nirvana@betaAuthor Commented:
Everything I have read points to PC133 not working 100% w/ 100mhz systems.  Thanks for the info.  I don't however think I will be paying quite Kingston prices for my ram.
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