bad clusters on backup disk!! Help!!

My system crashed and I used the restore cd to get it back up. After installing the quickbooks software I used the restore command and inserted the back up disks as instructed. On disk 2 there are bad clusters that information is written on but I can not get it to read. I have run scan disk but the disk is full and can not relocate the information. I have tried to copy the disk to my hard drive but it will not read. Is there any hope of recovering my 3 plus years of information. I am at the end of my rope. I backed up everyday and thought I was protected. I had no idea the disk was bad.
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unless you made two copies of the backup then you have lost the info contained on the backup. Your only recourse is to consult with a professional data recovery service but this can be expensive and has no garantee that it will work. This is the reason you should always use two set of disks to backup important data, and keep one set away from the computer site.
The backup is not a cluster of small files but a single file that if any part of it gets corupted then the whole file is lost.

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MichaelPriestAuthor Commented:
Thanks rayt333, I guess you live and learn.
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