What is Flash?

What exactly is Flash and how does it interface with other programs like FrontPage and Visual Cafe (or any other Html and Java IDE's)? Is it hard to use?
I've been on site that use flash...all I know is those sites looked sweet.

Paul RiskoAsked:
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Flash is a vector-based animation application utilizing layers and many common drawing tools.  It integrates many web based commands.  It is compiled as a movie (*.swf file) and is viewable either within a page or as the page itself.
FrontPage lends itself quite well to including flash within the site.

Definitely worth the fairly short learn time.

Happy Animating!

For some really cool examples check out http://www.shockwave.com/bin/shockwave/main/frame_set.jsp

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Paul RiskoAuthor Commented:
Do you think it is worth the $300 for Flash 4.0?
Yep, I think it's worth the price! Though it isn't really easy to create very complicated effects,  you'll have to practice for that. But the basic tweening options for blurring text etc.. is easy to learn. I use Flash a lot along with Javascript. From within Flash you can call javascript functions and let them execute specific code. The only disadvantage on Flash is that is uses a plugin, but it's easy to download, but some people ignore that..
You can find lots of info on the internet on Flash.

is very useful for basic information

Check these sites

On flashchallenge.com lots of links and reviews can be seen on loads of sites. So you can come up with a lot of inspiration.

Well hope I could add some more info on this.. ;)

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You can also do a search for Flash tutorials and you'll have enough material to last you a good two months.  The free tutorials available on the web are extremely helpful and many have projects that you can download to actually see how it is used.  Definitely worth the price, though.
Paul RiskoAuthor Commented:

This web site is great!!!

Check out this site.


I hope this helps.
Paul RiskoAuthor Commented:
What does Vector-Based Mean?
As opposed to bitmap or raster which is a method of generating graphics that treats an image as a collection of small, independently controlled dots (pixels) arranged in rows and columns, Vector image or vector-based images are Images generated from mathematical descriptions that determine the position, length, and direction in which lines are drawn. Objects are created as collections of lines rather than as patterns of individual dots or pixels.

Think of a circle.
In raster it is a collection of dots which are dots(actually small squares),
on the other hand in vector image, images are in the form of x^2+y^2=r^2.
so they preserve the quality of image when you zoom in.

For more info check http://whatis.com/vectorgr.htm
Yep....it's all true.... ;/

Well I guess Paul has been helped more than he wished I guess....

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