What are JWindows used for??

Hello could someone please tell me what JWindows are used for?
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JWindow is a container that can be displayed anywhere on the users desktop.
Unlike JFrame, which is a subclass of JWindow, it doesnt have any title bar, close, minimise, maximise buttons, or any other trimmings.

Here is a bit of information taken from the java look and feel guidelines:

Primary Windows

JFC applications display information such as documents inside primary windows. Such windows are provided by the native operating system of the platform on which the application is running--for instance, UNIX, Microsoft Windows, OS/2, or Macintosh.

Specifically, you cannot alter the appearance of the window border and title bar, including the window controls, which are provided by the native operating system. Window behavior, such as resizing, dragging, minimizing, positioning, and layering, is controlled by the native operating system.

The content provided by your application, however, assumes the Java look and feel, as shown in the following illustration of a MetalEdit document window as it appears on the Microsoft Windows platform.

Plain Windows

You can create a window that is a blank plain rectangle. The window contains no title bar or window controls, as shown in the following figure. (Note that the black border shown around this plain window is not provided by the JFC.)

A plain window does not provide dragging, closing, minimizing, or maximizing. You can use a plain window as the container for a splash screen, which appears and disappears without user interaction, as shown in the preceding figure.

The JWindow component is used to implement plain windows. The JFrame component is used to implement primary windows.

You can get the full documentation from.




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