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How do I operate my CD burner on my new Compaq 5451?  No instructions in literature and haven't seen any obvious commands on desktop.
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Have you just tried copying files to it?

Some CD's allow you to simply save data like a floppy. No fancy stuff required. When you insert a blank it should automatically prompt you to format and when you eject it should prompt if you want to close the session.

A number of software packages come bundled with these drives. A popular one is Adaptec's CD Creator Deluxe, which contains CD Creator, CD Copier and other utilities. Look in your START menu/Programs and see if this Adaptec listing is there -- or see if there are any entries that make reference to CDs. Adaptec's DirectCD is another, which you may see. (Often both are bundled.)

Once you determine what was preloaded, it should be a fairly simple matter to determine usage, either through experimentation or visiting the CD software's website. But again, the programs on your START menu/Programs will give you the best clue.

Good luck!

BaffledAuthor Commented:
Mark, I have put in a blank CD and tried copying files to it. The CD icon in windows explorer says the CD player is "empty" and for some reason doesn't recognize the blank disk.???  Do the CD blanks have to be formatted?  I have Fujifilm CD.R's and they have no reference to formatting.  

Jiler, the only reference to the CD in my windows 98 Start menu is under Programs/accessories/entertainment, and there is the CD icon for playing music. I don't see anything that might have been preloaded.

Thanks folks, I'll try to get ahold of Compaq and have them explain it.  

Yes the CD blanks have to be formatted. Normally the system will fire up the Adaptec EZ-CD software as soon as it realizes that there is a blank in the system. It prompts you for data/music cd, etc. and then formats the CD. From that point on you can copy file to it just as you would a floppy. Once the [Eject] button is pressed the Adaptec EZ-CD software again fires up and asks if you want to permanently close the CD or leave it open for additional files to be added. When you've made your selection it does what is needed and opens the drawer.

Now if all of this is NOT happening then the appropriate software is NOT installed or there is a different behaving package. Look thru the CD's you got with the 'puter and verify that there is nothing in there.

Finally, are you *SURE* that you got a burner? It's remotely possible that the dealer sold you just a plain CD-ROM drive instead of a burner! Check the faceplate of the drive and make sure it says "Rewritable" or "Recordable" or some other synonym and not just "CD-R"...


My friend has the exact same computer.  Yes you do have a burner.  You should also have a CD-ROM.  The burner is behind the little door.  The only drive shown is the regular CD-ROM.  You have to open the little gate door thing.  Then you will see your burner.  Anyway The program that comes with your burner is CeQuadrat's recording software.  It is not bad but of course Adaptec is better.  There should be an icon on your computer somewhere that has the words CeQuadrat in it.  Once you find this icon, you should be able to begin recording all the things you want.

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