What os that ?

require "auth.conf";
require 5;                         what is 5 and how does it use ?

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TYoungConnect With a Mentor Commented:
require 5;

means you have to have PERL version 5 to run that script.

require "auth.conf";

reads in auth.conf as if it were a regular perl file, and you can use variables, subroutines, and etc. in it.
perldoc -f require
    require EXPR
    require Demands some semantics specified by EXPR, or by `$_' if EXPR
            is not supplied. If EXPR is numeric, demands that the
            current version of Perl (`$]' or $PERL_VERSION) be equal
            or greater than EXPR.

            Otherwise, demands that a library file be included if it
            hasn't already been included. The file is included via
            the do-FILE mechanism, which is essentially just a
            variety of `eval()'. Has semantics similar to the
            following subroutine:
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