mousemove event

How do I get a CButton object to activate OnMouseMove(UINT nFlags, CPoint point) ?
OnMouseMove is only triggered while moving over the dialog object.  I want to know when the mouse is over a button or other control.
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Derive your own class from CButton and override OnMouseMove. Assoicate the button with your derived class.
electrickAuthor Commented:
I understand the reasoning, I just don't know how to do it. I've increased points to 100...please explain

Hi... this is easy..
listen do you know  how to create new class with the wizard??
(class wizard-> new class) select your class name for the button.
derive it from CButton.

inside the CPP file that belongs to the NEW BUTTON CLASS override the OnMoueMove, i mean go to the wizard
(right click -> class wizard)
youll see there Message Maps.
in the list box from your right search for WM_MOUSEMOVE
double click and create the function.
include the H file of the new class in the H of the window that you want.
create a CLASS member object from the NEW button.
like this

private: //or public what ever you choose:
CMyButton btn;

then in the CPP file put this lines in the OnInitInstance or OnInintDialog //or if you wish to create this button from a command (like other mouse click)
thats it... you every CMyButton object youll create have the mouse move.
notice the BS_PUSHBUTTON flag, in msdn youll have radio buttons and radio buttons as well..

if you have some question email me at

regards  and good luck

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Hi electrick,

By the time i got the code ready kishk91 had answered it. Any way if you need to complete source code you can mail me at
electrickAuthor Commented:
Thanks, that's what I needed.  It seems to work fine.
electrickAuthor Commented:
That worked fine, now how do I get a pointer back to the Dialog Class to use it's member variables?

Through the GetParent()function in the derived button class.

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