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I just got a new computer to replace my aging p75, it came with Win98 pre-installed.  When I hit the power button windows goes through the shutdown routine.  This is fine unless the computer crashed, then the only way to turn the computer off is to unplug it.  How can I disable windows 98 from knowing about the power button so I don't have to unplug it all the time.  (I'm a developer and when I do something wrong then windows 98 crashes.)
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j2Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Press the power button and HOLD it pressed for 4-10 seconds, most systems do a "hard" shutdown if you do that.
Patricia Siu-Lai HoCommented:
calvin, <new computer> What is it? <computer crashed> If you press <ctrl-alt-del>, will it restart again?   pslh
Calvin, based upon your post, are you using the physical power button on the case to shut the PC down rather than click Start, Shutdown, shutdown? This may be part of your problem.
If the computer is indeed new, there should be a bios setting allowing the power button to perform differently.  The settings are usually something along the lines of Resume, Power Off, Sleep, etc.

Hope this helps...
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