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I have both Outlook and Outlook Express.
I know how to send an email with both programs in RichText Format.
However, Outlook Express receives email by default in RichText Format. How do I get Regular Outlook to receive in Richtext format?

When I know someone sent an email to me in that format, Outlook seperates the text from the images that were embedded in the email, and shows the images as icons.
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VinceAConnect With a Mentor Commented:
What version of Outlook are you using (97, 98 or 2000)? You can't set what format mail is received in, it comes in whatever format it was sent it.

Also, Rich Text Format has two different meanings. In OE, it means HTML format but in Outlook it means MS Rich Text Format which is completely different from HTML. Outlook 97 doesn't support HTML while all three versions support MS RTF.

Another factor is that Outlook doesn't preview images in its preview pane like OE does. Outlook will only show images inline in HTML mail & OLE embedded objects in MS RTF mail items.
timothy1Author Commented:
I have OFFice 97. I guess I'll have to upgrade. Nah! Actually I was just curious, I thought it was something like the above. Thanks
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