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Computer won't start

Hi, I have an e-machine and the other day my son installed a game on the computer.  After it was installed, we tried to run it but it froze.  Since the computer doesn't have a restart button, we needed to turn off the computer and turn it back on.  Unfortunately, when we push the power button, nothing happens!  It doesn't turn on or anything.  I am in desperate help!  Since I need this computer for everything, I'm giving this question 300 points.
1 Solution
If you push the power button and nothing happens, then you have a hardware problem with your computer. Right now I would be inclined to let your son off the hook; I don't think installing a game can create this kind of hardware problem.

First thing to do is the obvious. Make sure the outlet is delivering power to the power cord, and the power cord is firmly plugged into the back of the computer. Try jiggling the power switch on the front to see if you can get any kind of response out of the computer. From the little information you've provided so far, either the power supply has died, or the power switch has died (assuming you are getting power delivered to the computer). Repeair of either one is quite simple and should not cost you much if you take it in to a decent shop. Is the computer still under warranty?
Is the computer completely dead or are you getting a BEEP code as it attempts its POST test?
Was the computer moved around in any way ? Happened to me too, I found the cause to be a loose connector inside the machine. If not under warranty, or if you have the confidence, I would suggest you open thhe case and look for loose connectors.

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