Simple commands

I need some simple commands to do the following:
Format a disk in A: drive.
Create a directory on A: drive.
Create a sub-directory.
Create a text file and save it to the sub directory.
Copy the file to another directory and rename it.
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GtristConnect With a Mentor Commented:
In SCO OpenServer you would unix format a floppy by typing format /dev/fd0. To create a directory you would type
mkdir <directory name>. You must have write permissions in the parent directory. You can use the same process to create a sub-directory. Another way, if you want to populate the subdirctory with data before the parent, is to type mkdir -p <directory path to subdirectory>. This will create the subdirectory and the parent tree. There are a number of ways to create a file. You can use vi <filename>, but you will have to type man vi to learn a little about vi commands. You can also use
cat > <filename> to create a file. After entering the command for cat, you just type the contents of your file and end with a Control-D.
You can copy files with cp file1 file2.
You can rename files with the mv command. mv <filename> <newfilename>
kenny1Author Commented:
This was a research question for college work and your comment included all the help I needed.
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