Joystick won't calibrate

Win95,200 mhz, 64 meg ram, Kraft KC3 joystick.  Got the stick from a friend and had it installed once with good calibration then it started drifting away from the center position and would not calibrate with equal travel from the center point(would deflect left and up, but not right and down).  Removed from device table and rebooted and p&p found stick and proceeded with installation.  Still would not calibrate correctly.  Had recently installed Directx and when looking for files on win95 disk reported disk file older than current file in system so went with current file.  Don't have installation disk for joy stick so assume Microsoft properties.  Kraft company doesn't seem to have any old drivers available.  Stick plugged into MIDI port on sound card.  Have reinstalled with all possibilities of manufacturers drivers and none seem to correct the mis calibration-deflection thingy.  Could someone give me some good advice to try and see if I can get this thing back to normal.  Thanks
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All I can say is this happened to me with another joystick.  I upgraded to Win 98, and it solved everything.  If this is possible for you, do it.  Give me the points when you do please.
rjcreechAuthor Commented:
Nice suggestion, but no where near the solution.  There is a calibration problem and I need to know what it is and a few things to try.  I hardly think a new operating system will solve anything.  I need to prove if the stick is bad or the software is bad.  I get full deflection values for non-full deflection positions of the stick.  There should be a way to find this out short of going to a slightly enhanced version of the same system I am using.. Besides I am very happy with Win95 and have had far less problems with it than some people have with Win89.  Thanks for your reply, but I hope someone else has a more technical answer.
rjcreechAuthor Commented:
Today I bought another joystick and that SEEMS to have changed the problem a bit.  I get full deflection in all directions, but in a software program designed to checkout joysticks I have values that vary for the 'joystick a' reading area and also readings for the 'joystick b' area.  I think there is some type of conflict here, but don't know how to correct it.  I am using the port on the sound card and there are no other ports on the MB pertaining to a joystick.  Only one joystick shows up in the device table(gameport).  Hmmmmmmmm!  The new stick controls the f-18 sim I am using it in OK.
rjcreechAuthor Commented:
The new joystick seems to have held the calibration for a day now so I guessthe old stick was the problem all along.  I can't determine what was wrong with it, but the new one has a full range of operation in all directions which was not the case with the old one.  I guess I solved my own problem by the most basic way possible---just replace the suspected component and see what happens.  Or try it on another machine and see how it works there.  These comments may help someone else to solve their problem so I want to cancel this question and mark it up to experience.

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rjcreechAuthor Commented:
I was wrong about the new joystick fixing the problem.  I started getting the same results with it as I had with the old joystick.  I reinstalled the gameport and also the flight sim to see if that would help which it didn't.  I then replaced the sound card with the same no-calibrate results.  Then the joystick quit working.  This time it was a broken wire inside the stick which I re-soldered.  This didn't fix the problem either.


I finally did what I tell everyone else to do and that is

 ---------read the instructions!!!!!!!

I found a readme file in the sims folder and there in plain words was a command I would never have found had I not read the  readme.  It said clearly----before you FLY THE SIM PRESS  CTRL-J and do the INTERNAL joystick calibration which calibrates the sim to your gameport.  The sim has flown perfectly ever since.  I now land the f18 at least 8 out of 10 times, which I call good for now.
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