ftp and telnet not working for users

I have installed "Complete Linux 6.5" using the "server" option. I have setup the network, giving the machine a static ip and qualified domain name. I have created 2 accounts, one using bash and the other csh as the shell. The only remote access I have to the machine is by anonymous ftp.  For a two week period my students need to be able to create user accounts and for the next 16 weeks be able to post web pages to their accounts. I was able to do this on a early dubian version but not with this new version. Please help.
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Are you using ipchains or some security software that prevents access to the ports? A firewall maybe?
Does /etc/nologin exist? If so, delete it.

Does the shell that they are using exist in /etc/shells? If not, add them.

If you are using shadow passwords, make sure you compiled the ftp and telnet daemons for support with them.
first, are your sure that the remote-access is possible (ping)?

can you login (console) on your local system as on of the user-id?

Have you set rights to fallow files:
ftpasswd, host.allow, host.deny...

There was one file in /etc directory where telnet and ftp access you can set.
(forgett the name, but you can search with a grep "in.telnet")

reg., a2h0mi


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bgelyk1Author Commented:
It appears that the "server" install of Mandrake does not provide in.telnetd anywhere. I was able to get the ftpd to work by setting up the hosts.allow and hosts.deny file. To solve the account creation problem I used "linuxconf" to turn on the web version running on port 98. ie your.web.site:98. It appears that linuxconf has its own web server. I think I am set. Thanks to all who responded.
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