6300cxi grinding noise when scanning

I had a brand new 6300cxi scanner, working very nice.  The only problem is the grinding noise when scanning is very annoyed.
does anybody experience this, and how much of the noise level
can it be tolerated?
Thanks for the answer.
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briansincConnect With a Mentor Commented:

1) disconnect the scanner from the pc
2) remove the power cord
3) lock and unlock the scanner 3 times
4) connect the power and the scanner to the pc
5) restart the pc and try to scan

if scanner still making the grinding noise contact hp tech support on
0171 5125202 mon-fri 07.30am-17.00pm uk

The most likely cause is the lock.  At the back of the scanner, near where the power plug is you'll find a lever.  Move it toward the side of the scanner.  

If you've done that, disconnect the power, push the lever back in to lock it and then ut to unlock it again.  If the grinding noise persists, the scanner is defective and you should return it to the dealer for exchange or call HP for service.

Good Luck, John
I have a 6350C scanjet.  This grinding noise only comes on when I scan at 1200 dpi.  I suspect this is a design problem as I had tried two identical scanners and had the same result, ie. noise came on 1200 dpi but NOT 900 or 2400 dpi.  It does not sound a problem with the lock if the scanned image appeared normal.
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