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Do search engines allow submitting multiple gateway  pages made at a free webhosting service?(example)
I have made multiple gateways for the simple fact of designing them to be highest rated on the search engines & still fail to be listed!! could It be because I'm using a free hosting service?
I dont want to keep wasteing my time building sites at free hosting svcs,If this is the case,Please let me know.

Thanks in advance-Darren
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Eric AKA NetminderCommented:
Some of the search sites want the whole site, rather than the pages, so that might be part of the situation; each search site has its own criteria, so you have to check.

Second, the meta tags you use for both the description of the site and the keywords to the site are important, both to you and to the search site. You can have the slickest description in the world, but if the search site looks for keywords, you'll be out of luck.

Finally, remember that there are something on the order of 40 million or so web sites out there, and you might have some competition. A friend of mine just asked if I'd help him with a site for an online business "because no one's doing it". A quick search told me that in fact, there were over 4500 companies doing exactly what he wanted to do...

The best advice I can give is a) be inventive, complete, and accurate in both your description and keyword tags, and b) take the time to do the submissions at each site yourself -- don't depend on the "we'll submit your site to 400 search engines for $199.95" folks.
Do search engines allow submitting multiple gateway  pages made at a free webhosting service?(example)

Yes, but the topics have to be totally different.

....could It be because I'm using a free hosting service?

No, don't matter if you're paying or not.

you probably have to wait a week or two before your web page shows up on the listing, most search engines checkout your site before they post it.

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