Windows95 upgrading

I had windows 95 version 4.00.950c on my computer.Recently due to some problems, I disposed it off and acquired one with Windows 95 version 4.00.950B.I am missing the following features:
1. Briefcase
2. Right click facility in some instances (like on start-up programmes)
3. Feature of going one level up on some of the sindows.
4. Volume control icon on Desktop ( I have Creative Multimedia with Soundblaster16).
It is a MMX200 Pentium with 32 MB RAM.
I have Internet Explorer 5.0.
Is it possible to add on the missing features?
Please help.
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1. control panel / add - remove programs / windows installation / acessories

2. Explain please
3. Explain please  (or is it options / tollbars / standard toolbar  you are looking for?)
4. Why do you want it on desktop? to get it in task bar: control panel / multimedia / show volume control in taskbar

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Bhaskar121699Author Commented:
Thanks for your very helpful reply.
1. I got my briefcase nopw. Thanks.
2. Earlier I could right click on items in the Start Programmes menu which was useful for seeing the properties, open , move, delete etc. This feature is missing noiw. Of cousse I can open them by right clicking. Is there some way to get it back?
3. Earlier, when I do from say C to Programmes and on to individual programmes, each window used to have in the Toolbar the icon of an L with an arrow on the top which enables to go one level up. Now I do not get this icon. So to go back I am having to close the present window and open the required window. Can this feature bbe restored?
4.I went to tme Multimedia screen and checked the box for displaying volume control icon in System Tray but a window pops up telling me that it cannot be done since "volume Control" programme is not loaded. What should I do? I am able to set the volume level in the Multimedia screen but having it in the System tray was very convenient.
Can you help?
2. Moved between osr1 and 2
3. use backspace, or enable the toolbar (its somewhere in the menues)
4. This is also somewhere in the same area as answer 1, look under multimedia or similar.
Bhaskar121699Author Commented:
Thanks. I will try your prescriptions.
I have one question against 2.
2. What is osr1 and 2? (I am a beginner).
Osr1 is the first version of windows95, osr2 is the second.

If you open a DOS window and type "ver" and look at the output. if the "last digits" are 950 you have OSR1, if they are 1111 you have OSR2, if they are higher, you have an upgraded OSR2 called OSR2.5

OSR itself means "Open Service Release"
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