Bad config.sys prevents complete boot up.

I put a bad device statement in the first line of the config.sys file.  Now during the boot up I get nothing but spurious characters displayed on the screen scrolling endlessly.  I have found no way around this.  I have attempted to boot up from a bootable 3 1/2" disk, but once done I only get an "A" prompt.  I have tried to change drives to the "c" drive using dos but the system does not recognize that drive.  I was hoping in this way to gain access to the bad config.sys so as to correct it, but whatever I do, I can't access the "c" drive.  What can be done short of pulling the hard drive and putting it in another pc to gain access to the bad config.sys?
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if you can't access the drive from a bootfloppy. then the drive really is bad. also, as soon as you see the "Starting...." press the left shift key, or the F8 or F5 key, that should either give you a menu, or a prompt.

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If you press the F8 key as soon as you see the "Starting.." message, you will get a choice of boot-up's.  Choose "Line by Line" and you will be able to go through your Config.sys line by line, until you find the line that errors.  You can then repeat the process and you should be able to boot and then choose:
the "Start" button
"Run" type in "sysedit" and hit enter
You will now be able to remove or by typing "REM " at the beginning of the line, deactivate the line.

You may not be able to access you C: from a DOS bootable disk, if your drive is larger than 2gb and your are not booting from a Windows emergancy disk.  If you can't get into Windows through the step-by-step procedure, find somebody running Windows and make an emergency boot disk.  It should give you the ability to edit the config.sys file.
jdumasAuthor Commented:
The first sentence about the drive not being good if can't access it with bootable floppy is incorrect.  The second comment about pressing left shift key, F5 or F8 keys is helpful but not enough detail.  Thanks for the effort though.
sweston comment:
Your answer was complete and resulted in me solving my problem. Thanks much.
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