no boot-up black screen

i got a new board va-503+ {it's a 1st mainboard} i have a 300 cyrix 300 mhz cpu and 64 megs edo with pci grafics card i know works. i looked at the jumper pins and they have it jumpered for 66 mhz non pc-100 for the system frequency and pin 2-3 for the dimm frequency. 3.5x for cpu to bus frequency ratio 66mhz cpu extermal {bus frequency} it's an at supply and jumper that way for flash rom it's set for sst29ee010 and atmel at29c010 and it's jumpered for linear burst for cyrix ibm cpus. when i power-up the lights come on and the fans work can even hear the the hard drive working but get a black screen. i thought that my bios would come up or give off beep codes on power-up but nothing just a black screen? any ideas? do i need to jumper the dimm frequency and system frequency because i don't have sdram?  
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This is your jumper settings if not using PC100 memory
Cyrix 6x86MX-PR300

CLOCK RATIO                 75 MHz x 3

VOLTAGE / BURST             VR=1-2,7-8

BUS SPEED                      CLK1=1-2


That info came from FIC web page:

Then click on jumper settings, select your MB

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jasparAuthor Commented:
thanks much that did the trick. i switched the jumpers and fired up the tower and got the bios to come up now it won't see the hard drive but thats one i can tackle on my own thanks again for the help.
no problem, glad to help
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