Multiple Web Servers.?

Can anybody tell me or point me
to websites - How to setup multiple
servers to serve one IP address with
failover option on Solaris 7.

Thank you.
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You need to install the apache web server. I am sure the latest web server from sun also support Virtual web servers for latest source and binaries.

for the Virtual web documentations.
komarekAuthor Commented:
To 'mohammedq':
I was hoping to get some answers about
"Netra" or "Java" Web Servers.
Also "Apache" alone will not do the
clustering and failover job.
Thanks anyway.  
Creating a load-balanced cluster of servers is pretty complicated. There
are some good products available that
make the installation and management part a lot easier. I suggest you take a look at IBM's Network Dispatcher

You can use any web server with this product, including Apache.

I'm not sure what you mean by "to serve one IP address". A typical setup is as follows:
One machine, with hostname runs the Network Dispatcher. Requests to this URL are dispatched to a cluster of web servers, each with their own IP address. The minimum number of machines in the cluster is 2 (why else use load balancing?). Each web server will run under the same hostname, This means that the web server has a different hostname than the IP name the physical box has.

Network Dispatcher is part of the WebSphere performance pack - certainly not cheap at around $7500, but not ridiculous either. In terms of stability and responding quickly to server outage it is among the top products.

Sun has a good article on server clustering -
Info on Sun's clustering tools can be found at

These tools can be used for more than web server clustering though, and might be a bit of an overkill.

Hope this info can get you started.


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komarekAuthor Commented:
Thanks 'pluim' - that's what I needed.
Now I can do my research.

Mary Xmas.!
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