RedHat 6 plus Disk Partitioning

I have 2 Hard Drives - one seagate 1.2GB nearly full with Win98 and used as primary drive. 2nd drive is Seagate 6.4GB partioned into Drives D (3GB) used for Win98 programmes; E (2.3GB) free and saved for Linux and F (600MB) used as file and document storage. I also have a coverdisk from Linux Answers magazine called the Complete Linux Starter Kit.
My question is this. Is it possible to load straight into drive E without wrecking existing setup and without partitioning and also providing a dual boot.
many thanks
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j2Connect With a Mentor Commented:
You will have to repartition your E drive (but that will not wreck data on the other drives). You should delete all partitions on E before installing linux. And create one "Linux Native" partition and one "linux swap partition" during install. Dual boot will set itself up. do NOT use the "server install" since that will wipe data on ALL disks.
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