Shutdown my computer and make autologin

How can i shutdown my computer fast - don't let the application close it self or save , i want to "FORCE" and add to the registry autologon?

much points for correct answer ( 200 ) i will raise
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Use this function:

procedure Down(powerOff, force: boolean);
var dw1 : dword;
  if powerOff then dw1 := EWX_POWEROFF
  else             dw1 := EWX_SHUTDOWN;
  if force then dw1 := dw1 or EWX_FORCE;
  ExitWindowsEx(dw1, 0);

With this parameters:

Down(falseOrTrueAsYouLike, true);

What do you mean with autologon? Are we talking about win9x or winNT?

Regards, Madshi.
karen021897Author Commented:
karen021897Author Commented:
When i have Delphi opens and push this button i have to save the project before computer shuts it down, i want to push this button and the computer shutdown in 1. second, let application not save it self
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Have you really given in a "true" as the force parameter? Have you run your program inside the Delphi IDE? Run it outside of Delphi (e.g. double clicking the exe file). Then it should work perfectly (at least it does on my machine).
karen021897Author Commented:
It won't work under NT
Then try the API


Sorry, have no sources for that.

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