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Parallel Port File Transfer between 2 Hosts?

I want to implement a parallel port file transfer program
for a Posix compliant Operating System. It is similar to Linux.
The program should be as fast as possible (>=50kbytes/sec);
similar to the performance of the Laplink software.

I'm looking for an efficient low level file transfer protocol
for the parallel port. I'm using a standard Laplink cable.

Would be great if there is any source code available!

Thanks for your help!
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I was wondering if doing a:

 cat filename > /dev/parport0

 wouldn't be enough to do the task...

 Just some thoughts...
Take a look at PLIP, Parallel Line IP.  Full source is available, with Linux, in /usr/src/linux/drivers/net/plip.c. It works with the standard Laplink cable
danigrafAuthor Commented:
I forgot to add that it also has to work from Linux to Windows 95/98. Is that a problem with PLIP?

I know that it works to DOS; I'm afraid that I don't know about Windows.  According to the PLIP mini-HOWTO, nobody knows...


I have seen references to it working with Win95, but I don't know... They say to do under Windows:

Start Menu-Setup-Control Panel-Add/Remove Programs-Windows Setup-
Communications-Direct Cable Connection.

I would think that you could modify the source enough to make something work, even if it wasn't compatible with normal PLIP.

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